Hereford Extra Care

Countryside Partnerships

The development of a new retirement village in Hereford. The site in Holmer will provide 80 one and two-bedroom apartment for affordable rent. ATF Screeds have installed 3300m2 of 75mm self compacting concrete to the ground floor. We achieved a record day for the company installing 90m3 covering 1200m2 with a 32 meter boom pump. The upper floors consist of a further 5000m2 of Gyvlon Eco which is yet to start.

One Centenary Way

Sir Robert McAlpine

One of Birmingham’s new 16 story landmark buildings with new commercial office space.
ATF Screeds completed just over 3700m2 of Isocrete K screed and various Insulation items. 1CW was complex project for the company especially pumping to level 16 which was a 600m2 plant area. Consisting of EPS insulation and 100mm Heavy Duty Isocrete K screed. A successful operation with no health and safety issues.

Millside Spencer Academy

Morgan Sindall

The Millside Spencer Academy is a new school being built as part of a £14 million investment in education in the village. ATF Screeds installed 730m2 of Yelofon HD10 and traditional sand & cement Screed. Having been awarded with ” Preferred ” status in 2022 we now carry out the majority of work for Morgan Sindall in the midlands.

The Gradel Quadrangles

Sir Robert McAlpine

The Gradel Quadrangles is a landmark project within the city center of Oxford for New College. ATF Screeds have installed over 3500m2 of Retanol Xtreme screed with a mixture of insulation and regupol acoustics. A logistical challenge for the company, however by ensuring the right plan was in place we delivered this successfully.

Bellgrave Village

Wavensmere Homes

Located in Birmingham city centre offering 438 homes in a range of two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments. ATF Screeds are installing over 4500m2 of Gyvlon Eco using our BREMAT S4.15. The project consists of a mixture of insulation and Yelofon HD10.

Hartford Point

Feltham Construction

Hartford Point is a new luxury development of 75 one and two-bedroom apartments. ATF Screeds installed 4900m2 of Yelofon HD10 and Gyvlon Eco. We used our BREMAT S4.15 on this project, allowing us to pour one floor per visit saving several weeks on the overall program. A very successful project for ATF considering the small site boundary, another great reason to use our new investment.

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